How can Your social security disability attorney help you?

Get the Help you Need. Here is how a qualified Social Security Attorney can Help:

  • Getting information from your Social Security file;


  • Helping you get medical records or information to support your claim;


  • Coming with you, or for you, to any interview, conference or hearing you have;


  • Requesting a reconsideration, hearing or Appeals Council review; and


  • Helping you and your witnesses prepare for a hearing and questioning any witnesses. Your representative also will receive a copy of the decision(s) Social Security Administration may make on your claim(s).




  1. I would like to see my file and prepare witnesses and i am a client so does this mean can help or will help because i would like to be someone on your blog that is able to say yes F,S,T&N is a big corp. but they take the time with their clients just like one lawyer does and wins D.Young

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