Housing Assistance

  Resources to help clients maintain or acquire housing.   HELP FOR PAYING RENT AND ACQURIING HOUSING Rent Assistance, search by state  –  http://www.rentassistance.us/ Homeless Shelters Homeless shelters, search by state  –  http://www.ibiblio.org/rcip/shelters.html USA Family Aid  –  http://www.usafamilyaid.com/temporary-housing-aid-v2/ Helping the Needy  –  http://www.homelessshelterdirectory.org/ Housing and Shelters  –  http://www.shelterlistings.org/ Housing Assistance for Veterans  –  http://www.va.gov/homeless/housing.asp Mama’s […]

Government Assistance / Charities

    Links to charities and government assistance sites for just about anything from assistance applications, food banks, and local charities.  Most sites have additional links for specific needs.     American Public Human Services Association  –  http://www.aphsa.org/links/links-state.asp Government Assistance and Benefits for all states  –  http://www.benefits.gov/?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=gbcc_page_locate_state&_nfls=false The US Department of Energy (DOE) Weatherization & Intergovernmental Program  […]

Prescription Assistance

  For Clients with no access to medication, many Pharmacutical companies provide prescription assistance (often free) for patients with NO INSURANCE.  Many companies require referral from a physician, so ask your doctor about BENEVOLENT DRUG PROGRAMS or PRESCRIPTION ASSISTANCE.   Here are some Prescription Assistance websites we found: Patient Assistance Program Center  –  http://www.rxassist.org/patients/default.cfm Partnership for […]

Find Free Health Clinics in Your Area

  We can help you find free or low cost health clinics, no matter where you live.  Free Medical Clinics/Camps All Over the USA  –  http://www.freemedicalcamps.com/index.php The National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics –  http://www.nafcclinics.org/ American Public Health Association  –  http://www.apha.org/about/Public+Health+Links/LinksStateandLocalHealthDepartments.htm Volunteers in Medicine  –  http://www.volunteersinmedicine.org/alliance.shtml Patient Assistance Program Center  –  http://www.rxassist.org/patients/res-free-clinics.cfm Both these sites […]