Prescription Assistance


For Clients with no access to medication, many Pharmacutical companies provide prescription assistance (often free) for patients with NO INSURANCE.  Many companies require referral from a physician, so ask your doctor about BENEVOLENT DRUG PROGRAMS or PRESCRIPTION ASSISTANCE.


Here are some Prescription Assistance websites we found:

  • Patient Assistance Program Center  –
  • Partnership for Prescription Assistance  –
  • Patient Assistance  –
    • Helps clients who do not have insurance and cannot get their medicine. Clients can create an account and then search for the medications they need or search by drug company.  It will provide information on possible programs that drug companies offer to help with medication assistance.  There are also coupons for some medications to help bring the cost down.
  • Needy Meds  –
    • Drug assistance programs sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, where if patients qualify, they can get their meds for free.  Patient assistance reps at clinics use this website and patients do not have to register.  Application forms can be printed off the website without putting in a name, so if a client does not have access to a computer, they could be easily mailed.




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